About Crossroads Communications, LLC

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Our job at Crossroads Communications is to move businesses and brands from here to there, even if they need some help defining where there is. We take the time and employ the tools to help our clients define goals, set strategies, and achieve success through getting their message(s) out to the right people, at the right time, and in the right way.

And, sometimes, when everything has gone wrong, we help businesses communicate in a crisis. Crisis communication is best when planned for and conceived while NOT in a crisis, however, so if you want to explore what that looks like for your company, let’s get started sooner rather than later.

Simply put, Crossroads Communications is your best choice for creative marketing and design solutions that work. In addition to marketing strategy and collateral, we work with you through facilitated strategy or brainstorming sessions to develop creative ideas, determine goals, forge strategy, and plan communication.

Our team will delve into the heart of your business and brand to help you find your path to success... and we’ll help you stick to it and measure your results along the way.

Mission and Values

We help clients discover the power in their story and how to use it to connect to their market.

What it’s like to work with us:
  • We genuinely care about the history and vision of our clients.
  • We operate with integrity, meaning we won’t take your money if we cannot help you.
  • We believe in and practice “strategy before tactics.”

Our Team

Mandy Vavrinak

Mandy Vavrinak is an integrated marketing professional who sums up her mission for clients in just a few words. She finds and tells the stories of people, brands, businesses, and places. Experienced, professional, and bottom-line focused, Mandy knows how to dig deep, connect the dots for businesses and media, and use the power of our connected world to its best effect.

Gail Fritz

Gail Fritz is a business management and operations professional who thrives on promoting a great work culture that optimizes talent and leverages resources. She views a business as a holistic organism, and she is always seeking innovative ways to take a business into the future with a strong foundation. Gail’s professional experience combined with her ability to generate and implement solutions works seamlessly in a creative agency, supporting clients as well as team members.

Jennifer Judson

Jennifer Judson is an experienced designer who specializes in taking complex ideas and creating coherent visual representations. She enjoys working with clients and team members to turn their vision into strategic visual messaging across many mediums. With an audience-driven approach to her work, Jennifer’s ultimate goal is to make every client a hero in their organization.

Meagan Duvall

Meagan Duvall is a communications professional who specializes in digital media marketing. She genuinely enjoys learning the backstory and personality of clients (over a good cup of coffee, of course) and readily accepts the challenge of communicating their strategic objectives. Meagan’s toolbelt consists of skills in social media strategy, digital strategy, videography, photography, and graphic design.

Jordan Ballard

Jordan Ballard is a communications specialist who focuses on copywriting and editing. She is passionate about building strong relationships with clients, dreaming up out-of-the-box marketing solutions, and turning client thoughts into powerful stories to move their organizations forward. Her experience in digital media marketing, project management, and content strategy gives her powerful insight into getting results clients need.

Kyle Lester

Kyle Lester is a skilled web developer who works primarily in WordPress, with extensive experience in coding, design, and layout. He is a detail-oriented problem solver who helps our clients better realize their online goals and visions, better connect with their customers, and find opportunities for growth through their web presence.

Courtney Starr

Courtney Starr is an administrative, service, and technical support pro that has worked with some of the world’s largest brands. Courtney has a depth of experience in scalable systems and processes, including team dynamics and goals accountability that are an asset to any growth-oriented business. At home on her urban farm, she enjoys her other co-workers that consists of many dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, and more.

Jack Cotton

Jack Cotton is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator that works across multiple Adobe software with a focus in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Jack has a broad range of creative acumen that allows him to bring multiple ideas to the table. His ability to think outside the box and to attack a project from different angles allows him to create outstanding visuals and assets to assist your business.

Richard Brown

Richard Brown is a marketing specialist and graphic designer with a background in illustration. He thrives on collaboration and has a passion for seeing projects to completion. His background in e-commerce digital media and traditional print media gives him a broad spectrum of expertise.

Lynn Starnes

Lynn Starnes is a marketing and communications professional with a wealth of experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. She excels in digital marketing, project and event management, public relations, and crisis communications. She enjoys collaborating with clients and helping them reach their goals. You can often find Lynn reading by the lake, or playing with her camping dogs Emma & Ella.