The #1 Investment for Every Small Business in 2020

2020 has presented business owners and operators with significant challenges. With current events disrupting the economic and social landscape, small businesses need to focus their investments and operations on the highest priorities to meet the demands of the moment –…

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Page design layout example

Better Design with Simple Principles

In today’s technology-driven office, everyone is expected to wear multiple hats and produce work outside their professional skill set. Are you regularly tasked with creating flyers, social media graphics, or other materials even though design classes were never part of…

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Cut the Fluff

You know fluffy writing can dilute your message. Here’s how to recognize it when it happens.   What do we mean by “fluff” in your writing? It can take many forms: long sentences that add no value to the story, unnecessary…

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Quick Guide to Effective Crisis PR

Much has been written about Crisis PR, rife with examples of doing it wrong or doing it right. We often get asked to provide a quick reference for managing challenging public relations situations. Keep in mind that “public” doesn’t mean…

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Gravity Is a Bad Filter

Social media allows good ideas to quickly surface. It also allows – encourages, even – idiocy to surface and spread. Launch a bad idea in a meeting and it will hang out there for a moment and then fall to…

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