Marketing insights that matter.

Meaningful Connections Drive Long-Term Commitments

You could argue society is more connected than ever. We ask our watches to send text messages on our behalf, control the light switches in our homes by voice command, track our friends’ locations with a few clicks on our…
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Business Trajectory – Lies, Lessons, and Charts

When I started my business, I thought business growth (which I equated at the time to revenue growth) would be an equation that looked something like this: Which meant if I put in more effort, AND improved what I could…
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The Importance of Business Culture in 2022

Investing in our employees is a culture promise – to the business, to the individuals on our team, and ultimately to the clients we serve. Many businesses talk about culture and about investing in their talent, but actions and outcomes…
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Challenges and Opportunities scale

Mandy’s thoughts: Where should you put your marketing energy in 2022?

Okay, 2022. The first month of the new year is almost over. Does it feel “new” to you? Do you see possibilities and opportunities, only a continuation of past challenges, or something in between? Most of us, I think, would…
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Three Steps to Proactive Marketing in Q4

Fall is the time of year when most organizations are busy planning for major projects and events scheduled for Q4. Time is limited to get things done and their marketing plans for the rest of the year are often reactive…
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