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Taking on the Why, How, and When of Marketing in 2024

January 23, 2024

As the business landscape continues to evolve, your marketing should, too. The strategies that worked a few years ago may be less effective today. While we’re talking about marketing strategy, remember that a strategy without measurable outcomes and defined goals it serves is just a glorified task list. 

What does a solid marketing strategy look like? Creating one depends on having a clear understanding of your brand and your target audience, their pain points, where and how they seek information about that pain point, who influences the decision process, and how your product or service resolves the pain. Marketing strategy is the why of it all. Seek out the common objections and obstacles in the sales process and address them in your marketing strategy. An effective marketing strategy defines where people within your target audience are, literally and figuratively. Then it defines what needs to change to move them from their current state to your desired state (Becoming a customer? An advocate? An employee? A funder? Something else?) as efficiently as possible. How will you measure success? 

Use this information to create a marketing plan – the how of it all – that chooses the right tactics, messaging, visuals, and efforts to accomplish the mission and reach the goals as defined in your strategy. Include timelines and milestones to ensure the right thing gets done at the right time – the when of it all – to move prospects along their journey to the outcome you’ve defined. 

Here are some quick thoughts on a few tactics that may be a part of your plan, but if they aren’t, now is a great time to reconsider whether they should be:

Public Relations (PR) is about building relationships with customers, stakeholders, and the media. It is so much more than press releases. Not that a great, timely press release isn’t effective; it can be in the right circumstances. Engaging with your public(s) is now broader and more immediate and often has a social media component. It’s essential to have a proactive approach and keep a finger on the pulse of your target audience. Engage with your customers and stakeholders on social media and respond to feedback and reviews as quickly as possible. PR is a great way to create wow moments when something wow-worthy is about to happen. Talk to someone in PR you trust if you’re not sure about the wow factor. Often, something newsworthy gets overlooked because it doesn’t feel all that special to people within the company. 

Advertising remains an essential part of marketing, and there are several approaches you can take. Traditional advertising, such as billboard, radio, TV, and print ads, can still be effective when the circumstances call for them. When they don’t, digital ads allow you to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, making them more cost-effective and efficient when a mass-market approach may not work as well. Programmatic ads, which use artificial intelligence to automate the buying and selling of ads, can also help you reach your target audience. Programmatic can be used to advertise on social media platforms, or you can directly purchase advertising on those platforms through promoted or sponsored posts. 

Marketing is like a game of chess – you must think ahead for your brand and stay one step ahead of your competition. Marketing strategy, public relations, advertising, and social media all need to work together seamlessly. If you need to consider new methods or reevaluate your strategy, we can help you position your brand for success in 2024.

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