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The Importance of Business Culture in 2022

July 14, 2022

Investing in our employees is a culture promise – to the business, to the individuals on our team, and ultimately to the clients we serve. Many businesses talk about culture and about investing in their talent, but actions and outcomes speak louder than words. The Crossroads work culture not only attracts premier talent, but it is part of the infrastructure that continues to support, sustain, and develop the skills and careers of our employees. Our culture is a foundational element for our business, and it includes our guiding principles of always operating ethically and with integrity. In addition to integrity, we strive to live out these additional values:

Attracting, retaining, and developing talent with a strong, supportive corporate culture is one of the keys to our success, and it inevitably dictates what we can accomplish for the businesses we serve as strategic marketing partners.

When we address a culture or process challenge, I start with asking myself, “Why do we do it that way? Does it serve our culture?”

If something isn’t in alignment with our culture, we change it. We’ve chosen to invest in providing a place for talent to flourish (stay tuned for big news in a couple of months on that), a place where employees are proud to show up every day, an organization where everyone feels seen and supported. It makes sense that we invest in what inspires us every day… our employees and their diverse capabilities and potential.

Culture is one of the puzzle pieces that allows our business to grow strategically in a way that is scalable, equitable, and provides the flexibility we need to maximize our talent. Every person on the team is with Crossroads because they have talents, skills, and experience that helps us continue to serve clients effectively – regardless of changing market or marketing conditions.

Another key strategy for us is that we choose to prioritize investing in our employees to help each one find exactly the “right seat on the bus.” We are dedicated to finding creative ways to grow opportunities to align with each employee’s career goals and to recruit new talent.

Crossroads is dedicated to collaborative work environments that optimize the synergy of a creative team. Work spaces are equipped with the technology and tools to produce best-in-class marketing solutions and design. Training opportunities are customized to the team member, whether it is the latest thing in design or marketing or something entirely new that helps them to further their work and personal goals.

We work with employees to develop a career path that helps them achieve their professional goals. Bonus… everyone benefits when employees add innovative skills and technical capabilities to the Crossroads team. We ask our team members to bring their personal best to work, every day, and we are committed to helping their best become better every day. Just as we invest time in understanding our clients’ needs, internally we invest time in understanding our employees to help them on their professional path. In addition to the internal resources we provide, Crossroads partners with HR consulting professionals and business development coaching, accessible by all members of the team, to keep us accountable, informed, and in alignment with our culture and business goals.

If your business culture aligns well with ours, and if your goals include working with a marketing partner who is a great culture fit – let’s talk.

Ever onward…

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Gail Fritz

Director of Business Operations

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