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Threads review

Threads is Twitter Nostalgia

August 1, 2023

Threads is the newest social media platform from Mark Zuckerberg and the Meta company, and our team was quick to jump aboard like most of the world. With over 100 million active users signed up within a week, the platform did not fail to gain in popularity not only because it was a Twitter rival and causing a stir for those in the Elon Musk camp, but also because it was refreshing.  

What is Threads? 

If you haven’t already heard all about it, Threads is Meta’s answer to X, the app formerly known as Twitter. Here are some details about the app:  

Threads launched on July 5, 2023 and within 2 hours it had already gained 2 million users. Obviously, the app was exciting to people, and we can see why. At our office, some of us got together to talk about the newest app sensation and we agreed about a lot of features — both missing and existing at the time. 

Pros and Cons of Threads According to the Generations… Of Our Office 

Our intern, Cat, who is Gen Z, our President, Mandy, who is Gen X and myself, who is Gen Y, used the app over the course of a few days and decided what we liked, what we didn’t really like, and what we would really like to see in the near future from the platform. 

Here are our Pros and Cons: 





Gen X / Mandy 
  • Feels more ‘connected’ where Twitter has felt more and more ‘disconnected’ over the past few years. 
  • More engaged, purposeful audience 
  • No hashtags 
  • No messages (have to go to Instagram for those) 
  • No edit button 
Gen Y / Roxanne 
  • Easy to get started, recognizable layout/feed 
  • They seem ready for feedback and proactive 
  • Can find my replies easily (which may work in lieu of a “lists”/”favorites”/”save” feature for now.) 
  • Feels like Twitter 
  • No hashtags 
  • No lists 
  • Search is focused solely on username data 
Gen Z / Cat 
  • Easy to create an account connected to my Instagram 
  • Instagram settings with a Twitter type feed 
  • Easy to repost to Instagram 
  • People describe it as “organic” and “free” 
  • This is how I wish Instagram and Facebook would interact 
  • It took a while for Thread to learn what I would like to see on my feed 
  • This caused people to ask if they will have a feed filled with people they subscribe to. 
  • You can’t save posts that you want to see later like you can on Instagram 

While the app certainly feels like Twitter, there’s a different vibe to it that we all like. Cat and I were discussing that the atmosphere is a lot more positive and others have mentioned that Threads feels more “raw” and less polished, which is something they really appreciate about the new platform — Less perfection and more real.  

Mandy says “Early Twitter wisdom was follow lots, and follow back — remember #FollowFridays? I do not expect Threads to take on that kind of vibe.” I agree. People were quickly asking for the features to fill their feeds with only people they want to follow, and when I joined up, I definitely curated the list of accounts I followed versus just “following all”. Only weeks into launch, the Threads team has so far delivered on a few of those features already, having announced their following feeds

However, there are many pointing out that engagement doesn’t live up to the hype, while others say the platform isn’t old enough to make those statements, yet. Personally, I don’t think it’s going anywhere just yet, and it’s worth more study. 

So, the question is should you join in? 

Should You Jump on Threads? 

I’ve seen other marketers already looking at ways to make this platform a part of their social strategy for their clients, while some have chosen to sit back and watch first. At Crossroads, we chose to grab usernames for our clients and evaluate both the app itself and the audiences that decide to use it. 

After all, if our target audience doesn’t live there, then there may not be a real point to having our client participate on the platform. Or it may inform us of how to proceed on Threads. My point is that the first thing you should think about is your audience, your goals, and how being on this new social media app will benefit them, or you. 

If your business is already using Twitter, you’ll probably find a lot of your audience on Threads. Does your target use Instagram regularly? Threads may work out for you, too. Bottom line, it depends on a variety of factors. 

If you’re interested in discussing it further with our team, you should contact Meagan

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