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Why Human Copywriting is Still Important in the Age of AI

June 11, 2024

AI or artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for years – but practical use in creative fields has exploded since the launch of ChatGPT. People use it to write everything from academic essays to social media posts to full-length novels. 

AI has incredible potential as a tool to improve creativity and increase efficiency in our personal and professional lives. Unfortunately, while the rise of AI has given us these incredible new tools to help us work, it has not matured enough to do the job independently – and we don’t expect it to. 

The Stats 

According to a Salesforce survey, 76% of marketers already use AI to generate copy, and the World Economic Forum predicts that 85% of jobs could be replaced by AI-powered machines. That’s scary when you also know 31% of marketers already report accuracy being a concern with what AI generates. That’s why copywriters are still so vital to every industry. 

From that same Salesforce survey, 66% percent of marketers say human oversight is needed to use AI successfully. 

Writing with AI 

In practice, we’ve experimented with AI, trying it out to see if we can save time or become more efficient. Internally, we’ve used it for idea generation, blog outlines, and email marketing ideas, but what we’ve all come to realize is that while AI is good at being a brainstorming partner and general grammar corrector, it cannot replace the human doing the job. 

For example, we asked ChatGPT to recreate the voice and tone of our own brand, and while it do that well sometimes, it often gets off track and falls into the trap of sounding like an average, overhyped social media influencer looking to sell merch. It adds emojis and exclamations even after being told multiple times not to. 

We’ve also experimented by asking it to write copy for social media posts, blog posts, and emails, and we’ve found that we always have to direct it back to the basics. If you aren’t familiar with how to prompt ChatGPT, it acts rather like a child whose mind wanders. It keeps forgetting what it was told to do, in other words. 

At the end of the day, generative AI is only as good as the prompt you give it and the input it draws inspiration from. If ten people enter the same prompt, they’ll get nearly identical answers – which doesn’t help when the goal of good marketing is to be memorable for all of the right reasons

Copywriters Create. AI Generates. 

While AI will inevitably continue to improve as it is allowed to learn more and mature, it simply hasn’t reached the point of being able to copywrite like a well-educated, highly experienced, knowledgeable copywriter. 

The nuances a good copywriter learns through years of experience have to do with conveying emotion and understanding human behavior, as well as the underlying reasons for that behavior – all things we can’t quite trust AI to do right. 

So, while AI may be a helpful tool in the toolbox, that’s all it is. AI is a tool anyone can use to help with ideation, grammar, strategy, or synonyms, but AI cannot and will not replace the expertise and proficiency of a great copywriter.  

10 Ideas for Using AI in 2024 

If you’re weeking ways to use AI for your business, here are some ideas we endorse: 

  1. Ask AI for ideas for your next blog post. 
  1. Ask AI to help you find active or passive voice in your writing. 
  1. Use AI tools like Grammarly to improve your grammar. 
  1. Ask AI to outline your next presentation. 
  1. Use AI tools to help create alt-image text for your social posts. 
  1. Ask AI to give you relevant hashtags for a post you’ve written. 
  1. Use AI to get ideas for popular swag gifts. 
  1. Use AI chatbots on your website to deliver answers to FAQs. 
  1. Ask AI to analyze various posts and describe the voice and tone of the brand to see if you’re on the mark. 
  1. Ask AI for synonyms instead of using the thesaurus. 

But, for today, at least, AI can’t replace a skilled team of expert marketers. With talented designers, copywriters, and PR specialists, we can deliver successful campaigns to your audience through emotional connection and storytelling, giving your brand the recognition, attention, and awareness it deserves while working toward your big future goals. Contact us today or sign up for our newsletter to join our journey

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